Make Penis Extender

penis stretching device Often referred at as alike or closer in function traction devices and penile pumps are very different in function, purpose and build, results or perhaps safety. The following is a side-by-side comparison with the two devices to aid us view the features and benefits for both the unit.


Penis Extender – a mechanical device utilized to permanently gain penis enhancement (length and thickness)

Penis Vacuum Pump – an exclusive device accustomed to temporarily gain erection by making a suction effect.


Penis Extender – primary usage is for penile enhancement, secondary usage is designed for erectile dysfunction conditions

Penis Vacuum Pump – primary usage is designed for erectile dysfunctions

Working Principle

Penis Extender – traction would be the principle applied by they; applying consistent traction force on the penis triggers being able to gain length and thickness through what is known as cellular multiplication.

Penis Vacuum Pump – the principle made use of by this device is suction; by building a vacuum in the device the penis is loaded with blood plus a short period of their time becomes hard and ready for intercourse

Time needed to be effective

Penis extender – a traction device needs to be properly used on day after day for a few months; the penile changes must take place slowly nevertheless the results are going to be permanent

Penis vacuum pump – two to three minutes it’s all a penis pump should produce a hardon; the effect is going to be short lived and something should not expect long lasting effects or improvements

How will it work

Penis Extender – if the penile tissue is subject of a tissue traction the natural reaction should be to generate tissue; microscopic tissue ruptures happen at cell level; on time these ruptures heal as well as the tissue is longer/fuller; it appears as if an extreme procedure but within a controlled force/tension it can be safe hence the call to use a quality device

Penis vacuum pumps – the vacuum created about the penis ends up with drawing more blood inside penile tissue and so the penis becomes fuller and harder depending on the increased high blood pressure inside it.


Penis extender – the standard size gain depending on medical studies is 1 to 3 inches in size and maximum 1.5 inches in thickness

Penis vacuum pump – the standard size increase is half inch long and girth


Penis extenders – when used properly there won’t be side effects

Penis vacuum pump – even if used properly extended usage can cause injuries

Major Side Effects

Penis extender – so far no major unwanted side effects have been reported around the strap type devices (type Sizegenetics)

Penis vacuum pump – chance of bursting capillaries, get blisters or improper circulation leading in extreme cases to impotence; are already reported cases of testicle being sucked into your pump and provoking severe pain; the sting of the pump cylinder can cut in the skin and damage the ligaments inside the penile area


Penis extenders – results show slowly however they are long-lasting

Penis vacuum pumps – results occur in minutes but disappear quickly


Penis extender – the purchase price can look steep but for a closer review a long period of your energy they are much more cost-effective than most other penile enlargement methods

Penis vacuum pumps – the common cost is 100 to 150 USD

Bottom line: it truly is quite obvious that the penis pump will help on a quick with erectile dysfunctions (male impotence) while a penis enlarger ensures a safe and secure and permanent penile size gain. The size increase it isn’t just significant in the length and girth but additionally helps rectify structural problems like Peyronie’s disease along with impotence.


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